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What’s in the cloud?

Now that Microsoft Office is joining the cloud (you should still install a local copy for best results), I wonder what’s left for the local small business network?

Personal Websites

Last night I setup a couple of “personal” websites.  A single page site was FREE with my domain at I wonder why I never set one up before.

It could be that most of us just rely on Facebook to satisfy that “Personal Web Page” feeling.  On my webpage at I put a link to my Facebook page and you can readily see the difference.

Facebook is just as easy to “build-out” as using say, “Website Tonight” at GoDaddy but there are major differences.  One is FREE, one is near-FREE.  One is built around your social network—one is not.

With Facebook you’re at a cocktail party—with a webpage you’re just carrying around a sign on your back!  If you need prompt feedback to what you’re putting out there—stick with your social media site.  If you want to hand-out your business card around the world—a personal website could be just the ticket.

With a personal website you’re not really handing-out your business card… you’re just telling people where they can go to pick one up.  That’s just what I did in the second paragraph above. 

The personal website and a Facebook presence are both important tools.  Each has its advantages.  “Shoulder-rubbing” versus “Specificity” is the communication game here.  Why go without.  Have both!

Nightshift Post


Working late tonight.  I’ll be frazzled by the time the sun comes up.  I’ve been in “IT” for a long time and enjoyed every minute of it—almost every minute!  Configuring the SharePoint server at work this month spurred me to communicate more.  I initiated my own website as well as this blog site today.

I remember back in the 70’s trying to finish college by taking 18 credit hours during my last semester—still glued to the new Microsoft DOS manual.  It was exciting then and I think computer science is still exciting today.

I like the way IT has brought us closer together.  I know there’s a lot of evil too but you just have to love the way we’re all connected today.  We’re as connected as we want to be.  I’d much rather see us communicating and discovering real information than just whimpering behind a one-way TV screen, DVD or video game complaining about how ignorant EVERYONE ELSE has become!

There’s no doubt that computer science is giving us a closer look at each other—not only in this country but across the oceans as well.  How close is “too close” remains to be seen.  We’re not there yet.

Initial Post


This is my initial post from my laptop.  I just established this WordPress blog account and a personal domain at which GoDaddy setup in less than 20 minutes.  I now have another email account but there really isn’t any info at my website yet.  It’s just a pretty picture of the sky with my BIG FAT NAME across the screen.  Contact me if you must.